Soltec II + III
“wet” and “dry”

Soltec cleaning units for heavy duty use in industrial environments are available in two different lengths. These devices are designed for above ground placement and should be positioned in a way that everyone will have to pass through this unit.

Our Soltec “dry” version brushes dirt off shoe soles and collects it in a large
stainless steel drawer at the bottom of the machine, which can be removed for easy cleaning.

Soltec “wet” models have an ¾” input connector to feed water by means of a solenoid valve on the two wheel brushes while optional cleaning medium can be added with the integrated hose pump. Sewage
flows off through an 2,5″ diameter nozzle.

The grates above the brushes can be lifted for cleaning the inside of the machine. Each unit has an ptical sensor on both sides, which starts the drive. The follow-up time can be regulated so that the unit will be cleaned sufficiently after usage.

Drive transmission: 2 x worm gear drive

RPM of the brushes: approx. 93 RPM

Case and handrail: made entirely from stainless steel

Dimension Soltec II:
940 x 1.900 x 1.270mm (W x L x H)

Dimension Soltec III:
940 x 2.670 x 1.270mm (W x L x H)

Brushes Soltec II:
2 à 1.000mm length, PA 6.12, 1 mm black, hard

Brushes Soltec III:
2 à 1.600mm length, PA 6.12, 1 mm black, hard

Soltec II “dry”: 270kg net
Soltec III “dry”: 305kg net
Soltec II “wet”: 265kg net
Soltec III “wet”: 300kg net

Start/Stop automatism: via 2 optical sensors

Power supply: 3 x 400 volt/N/PE, nominal current max 3,75A

Motor: 0,5kw, 50-60Hz, IP 64

Specifics of model “wet”
Water inlet connection R ¾”, internal thread + solenoid valve
Water outlet connection R 2½” external thread
Water pressure min. 4bar, max. 8bar
Water temperature min. 4°C, max. 42°C
Holder for max. 20 l cleaning medium tank
Soltec III, „dry“


Active cleaning

Active cleaning

Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning