Polifix 4 Super

Polifix 4 Super

With its generous dimension the shoe polishing machine Polifix 4 Super is an eye-catcher in spacious rooms.

Its technical features are equally impressive. Within the ProLine series the Polifix 4 Super is the only shoe polishing machine with 4 brushes, the result of which are brilliantly shining shoes.

The elegant matt black case can be combined with different doors: matt black with brass framework, brass brushed, with a warm wooden or a modern stainless steel front. Either version will represent luxury, comfort and perfection within your rooms.

matte black

Design of the doors:
jacaranda or oak bright decor, stain-
less steel embossed, stainless steel,
brass brushed or black with brass

72cm x 32cm x 86cm
width x depth x height

Polish dispenser:
1 liter disposable bottle with
ball valve

3 polishing brushes
1 pre-cleaning brush
Ø 22cm x 8cm
diameter x width

Weight: 42kg net, 46kg gross

Starter: Sensor with timer

Power supply:
120 volt,
240 watt, 750 rpm


Stainless Steel Brushed


Brass Brushed

Oak Bright

Black with Brass Framework

Stainless Steel Embossed

Polifix 4 Super Exquisite

Polifix 4 Super Exquisite

The upper parts of the cases can be locked

The upper parts of the cases can be locked